Healthy Aging

Time marches on. And we can lament this fact or we can enjoy each day, relish the experiences of life and focus on creating wonderful memories.  In fact, our attitudes towards aging greatly impact the aging process.  A Yale study revealed that those people with a negative outlook on aging had greater shrinkage of their [...]

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Arthritis, Exercise and Older Adults

Yes, there is a stigma to the word "Senior" in our culture so I have used the kinder term of "Older Adult."  Recently I became a memer of the Senior's Centre in Bracebridge for two reasons; one is that I was asked to be a community consultant to the board of directors (they also appreciate [...]

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Winter Exercise in Muskoka – Snowshoe Bootcamp!

Personally I am a gym person.  I go to SNAP Fitness in Bracebridge & Huntsville and I am happy.  I also realize that many people do not like going to gyms and prefer to be outside.  I fully support you as well and have learned about a fantastic outdoor exercise program happening right here in [...]

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Therapeutic Touch for Gentle Healing

Dr. Nick interviews Bonnie Blain & Gail Oakley in regards to a gentle healing approach in Muskoka called Therapeutic Touch.  Therapeutic Touch was developed by a nurse in 1972 and is used by health professionals, holistic practitioners, therapists, counsellors, clergy, educators and private individuals in hospitals, hospices and palliative care units. Now, with a base of [...]

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Cancer, Bad Luck, Sitting and Diabetes

This article was published in the Bracebridge Examiner in January 2016. As a health-care practitioner, 2015 was an emotional roller coaster of conflicting research and health information. While there are often debates within every profession, these stories greatly affected what we communicated to our patients. And as in many areas of life, the coveted black-and-white [...]

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Rehabilitative Exercise Library

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is "What stretch can I do, Dr. Nick?"  Remembering that this is generic advice and that you should always consult a health-care practitioner (like me!) before engaging on any exercise program, here are some important take-home points: A stretch is not what you may need!  You [...]

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  • 70 Cardio Variations

    70 cardio variations to seek & destroy fat:

    Posted by Men's Health on Saturday, December 26, 2015

Challenging Home Exercise Program

For those who dislike the gym or are prevented from outdoor activities due to obstacles such as snowsqualls, ice and black flies...This three-minute video clip will provide you plenty of ideas for a challenging workout. This can also be used when travelling or visiting family. If your only tool is a kettlebell...enjoy the burn! How [...]

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January Detox

  What is a Detox?  Why would I do one?  What are the benefits? Everyday, our bodies detoxify all the junk, poisons, toxic and foreign materials that enter via the mouth, nose and skin.  Just as our furnaces use an air filter and our cars have on oil filter, our bodies have a blood filter, [...]

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