Hormones Out Of Whack? We Have Solutions!

Do you crazy hormones have you, well, all crazy!  Dr. Nina, our Naturopathic Doctor can help.  So can Dr. Nick, our Chiropractor and Wellness Coach.  Unsure as to whether hormones are influencing your health?  Here is a quick summary. Signs & Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalances Some of the most common signs and symptoms of hormone [...]

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Lift Light To Shovel Right

  Snow Shovelling Winter weather can pack a punch and, with the season’s heavy snowfalls, injuries often result. Improper snow shovelling is often to blame. But shovelling out after a storm doesn’t have to leave you stiff and sore. With a little know-how, you can clear your driveway without the all-too-common back, neck and shoulder [...]

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Stopping Seniors From Falling

Why wait until you fall?  Why not prevent it instead? Here is an article about the cost of seniors' falls.  We offer two programs specifically for falls prevention. One is an assessment of your risk factors for falling. The other is an exercise program for those with hip and/or knee arthritis. Phone us for more [...]

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Back Pain? Who Are You Going To Call?

The answer is...a Chiropractor!  This is what do best.  Read on to learn more. http://www.canadianchiropractor.ca/news/dcs-urge-patients-to-seek-chiropractic-care-first-for-back-pain-4572?custnum=1666246&title=Dc&utm_source=E916&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=170213F    

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TCM Cupping Available in Muskoka

What is Cupping? Cupping is a type of therapy used in tradition Chinese medicine to stimulate energy flow and promote healing in the body. Special cups are placed on the skin and a vacuum seal is formed between the cup and skin. Most recently this type of therapy gained notoriety when gold medal swimmer Michael [...]

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