Arthritis, Exercise and Older Adults

Yes, there is a stigma to the word “Senior” in our culture so I have used the kinder term of “Older Adult.”  Recently I became a memer of the Senior’s Centre in Bracebridge for two reasons; one is that I was asked to be a community consultant to the board of directors (they also appreciate any health-related guidance for their programming) and two because I am headed towards that wonderful 50 year mark!  Years ago I set a goal to be the fittest in my life at age 50 and it is working.  Recently I added a new goal…I want to run a marathon at 90 years of age.  A key to achieving my goals is to have a regular exercise program and while everyone knows the intuitive value of exercise, there are many with concerns or questions due to arthritis.  Here are some research articles that may help convince you that not only is exercise OK but it actually helps diminish the effects and arthritis, benefiting us with less pain and more mobility.

Exercise relieves arthritis pain in seniors study – Even 1 day a week has benefits!

Arthritis suffers aren’t getting much needed exercise – Research has shown that people with arthritis who engage in regular physical activity or exercise report fewer limitations in their day-to-day lives. However, many of those who suffer from arthritis feel that the struggle of their daily lives is exhausting enough on its own and therefore do not participate in additional physical activity.

I wrote this article for Muskoka Senior Magazine in 2015 on Arthritis & Exercise.

Finally, my advice is not just theory and research.  Many years ago I suffered a knee injury that led to major reconstructive surgery.  My recovery was quite slow and it seemed as if my athletic years were well behind me.  I suffered a limp and had difficulty with long walks, hikes and could not run at all.  I spent the next 14 years after my surgery focusing on nutrition, exercise and positive mindset and now, today, I am able to run and bike farther & faster than I have ever been able to!  And,  my knee does not hurt!

If you would like more specific guidance for your arthritis, your exercise plan and your nutrition support, please do not hesitate to ask.  Now, go get fit!

Dr. Nick