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This post will be updated on a regular basis.  As I find good, relevant articles, I will post them here.  Be sure to check in regularly for new content.

6 Bad Diet Habits Associated with Exercising – I have committed all of these faux-pas at least once in all my years of training & exercising.  This is difference between fit and lean vs fit and little fat.  Remember, it is OK to be a little fat (fitness matters more) however if your goal & desire is to be super-lean, then read on!

Food-Pairing for a Nutritional Boost – I learned some really important things in this article such as “Lentils are rich in iron—which helps transport oxygen to working muscles—making the legume an ideal lunch option for runners. But because iron in plant-based foods is “non-heme” (i.e., not from hemoglobin), the body doesn’t absorb it as easily as it does heme iron found in animal products, says Ilana Katz, M.S., R.D., a sports nutritionist in Atlanta. Enter vitamin C—rich red bell peppers. “Vitamin C is a powerful enhancer of non-heme iron absorption by making it more soluble in the intestines,” says Katz.”

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