Health & Wellness Support

Do you need motivation, inspiration, information or just some support and a touch of wisdom and guidance?  Join us every other Thursday.  Check out our calendar of events or contact us.

You may be brand new on your health & wellness journey or a seasoned veteran.  You need to change things for health reasons or want to change things for betterment and optimization.  You may have a goal or a desired outcome or you may just want things better.  Whatever your reason, we can help to fill in any gaps of your Health & Wellness Plan.

You may be confused for a variety of reasons.  There are a lot of conflicting opinions and information out there and health advice does seem to change of the years.  You may have become confused from something that a doctor told you; perhaps it was even us!  Bring your questions and your confusion and find your answers.

What is an Omega- oil?  How can I fight arthritis?  What are healthy sources of fibre and protein?  Ask and you shall have your answers!

How to take all your information overload and have an experienced, smart and wise person (Dr. Nick!) tell you what is important, what isn’t and how to put it all together.

No, you are not alone.  Not on your journey, your hopes & fears, your successes & failures.  Come and share, be supported and support others.

Inspiration & Motivation
Yes, I can inspire you, however I think it much more powerful to help you to inspire yourself?  Discover your motivators, drivers and reasons that are unique to you and how to use them effectively.

Here is an article that I wrote called Who Do I Listen To?

See you soon, see you often, see you successful!

Dr. Nick