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Our Health Philosophy

Every healthcare practitioner has a unique way of improving their patients’ health.  Our experiences, beliefs, and preferences help to shape how we approach you and your specific problem.  We believe that it is important for you to understand why we do what we do.  It will help to foster a deeper relationship, and will assist with your healing journey.

We realize that you have many options regarding your personal health care and this is why we consider it a privilege to have this occasion to serve you.  Our services are explained in this website; learn what you need to know, and hopefully we can begin the journey of improving your health and quality of life.  We will endeavour to meet, even exceed, your expectations.

Our practice philosophy can be summarized using the following points:

  • Our bodies are designed to heal.  Pain, illness, and disease are signs that our bodies are not healing.
  • Healing is an inside-out process.  Our bodies utilize whatever therapies, procedures, or substances that are provided to organize and heal.
  • Our primary role is to liberate your healing capacity to its fullest and allow healing to occur.
  • The spine and nervous system play a key role in healing as they are the major communication highway between brain and body.
  • As the nervous system accumulates stress, it becomes less efficient at healing and functioning
  • The brain has the ability to self-assess and self-regulate.  The care that we provide is designed to make you and your nervous system stronger and more resilient.
  • Our state of health & wellness is influenced by physical, mental, emotional, chemical, and social factors.  In order for complete health to occur, these factors need to be taken into consideration.