January Detox


What is a Detox?  Why would I do one?  What are the benefits?

Everyday, our bodies detoxify all the junk, poisons, toxic and foreign materials that enter via the mouth, nose and skin.  Just as our furnaces use an air filter and our cars have on oil filter, our bodies have a blood filter, which is primarily the liver.  Sometimes, if our bodies become  overburdened with junk, our liver detoxification process can become overwhelmed and we suffer the effects of a high toxic load. Some symptoms would be:

  • headaches
  • lack of energy / increased body fat / inability to decrease body fat
  • wrinkles, sagging skin & grey hair
  • acne
  • muscle aches
  • joint stiffness
  • pain
  • decreased healing
  • increase in colds / illness
  • mental fogginess

Here is a questionnaire to evaluate your toxic load.  Bring it in for scoring, results and advice

A detox program is a planned and co-ordinated way to reduce the toxic load on our bodies by avoiding certain foods and to supply the body (liver) with key nutrients to support the detoxification process.  It benefits us by reducing our symptoms, helps with fat loss, prepares us for ongoing healthy eating and keeps our livers healthy as well.

After a Holiday Season, almost everyone is toxic.  Fewer vegetables, less exercise & sweating, more sugar, additives, preservatives, fried food, alcohol, artificial colour & flavours.  Need I say more?  While it is possible to naturally detoxify if one eats really well and introduces no further toxins for a period of months, a 10-day program is quick, effective and safe.  Why wait 4 months?

Here is a 20-minute webinar to learn more

Our Detox program begins on Monday January 11th.  Our preparatory workshop is this Thursday January 7th @ 7:00 PM.  The cost of the program is $150 and includes all supplements and support material.  The cost of the workshop is $20, which will be credited to the $150 is you wish to partake in the program. Please RSVP and bring a friend (or three!).  This will absolutely improve your odds for success.

Dr. Nick

In case you need more education / tips / motivation to eat better and kick-start your 2016, here are some articles.  Remember that Dr. Marie is always available to provide you with a wellness eating plan, a weight-loss plan or specific plans for conditions such as arthritis and high cholesterol.

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