Slips & Falls…Shoulder Pain, Sciatica and Broken Bones

As we head into the tail end of winter, here in Muskoka we have had a fair share of icy conditions.  There have been many patient visits over the last few weeks related to slips and falls of some sort, resulting in shoulder pain, low back pain, sciatica and even broken bones!  While we often think of the elderly, a fall can happen to anyone.  Please be careful out there and if you have fallen or feel off balance, there are a few key things that a doctor of Chiropractic can assess…

Balance – Are you able to stand on one foot?
Strength – Both upper and lower body
Flexibility – Again, both upper and lower body
Alignment – Are your hips level?  Knees?  Shoulders & head?

Here is an article from the Ontario Chiropractic Association on Falls Prevention.

Here are online resources from the Ontario Chiropractic Association Falls Prevention Program.