Pain Relief Options

“What can I do for pain Dr. Nick?”

You can do a lot of things and so can we.  Here is what you can and should not do.

Pain Relievers – Tylenol, Muscle Relaxants, Anti-Inflammatories
These are my least favourite options as they harm our bodies in many significant ways – liver, kidneys, stomach, etc.  They only mask the pain, giving us a false impression that we are better, allowing us to do things that we shouldn’t, therefore creating a longer term problem.  Tylenol has received some bad press lately with Health Canada warning against it’s usage.  NSAIDs (such as Ibuprofen) can cause stomach bleeding, heart attacks and strokes while muscle relaxants leave many people feeling lethargic, drowsy and unfocused.

Cold vs. Heat

Your choice really.  Most people will use cold for pain relief (it numbs the area of pain) and heat for tight muscles (it relaxes the muscle).  Recent research shows that ice does not reduce inflammation as previously thought.  The choice then is up to you – try each one and see what feels best.

Analgesic Rubs, Creams and Gels

I really like these!  Some are hot, some cold, some are medicated, some are herbal – all “work” but not every person likes every one.  We have a number of options at our clinic and there are many more out there.  Do your research, ask for a sample and choose whatever feels best.

Massage / Stretching

Before you use your foam roller or do some stretches, please seek professional advice first!  Rolling really does little more than simple compress soft tissue and stretches may be making a bad situation even worse.  Honestly, I rarely recommend these forms of self-treatment

Improve Your Diet

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet – lots of veggies, some fruit, raw nuts, grass-fed meat (and eggs).  Avoid/minimalize grains, dairy, seeds and vegetable oils.  In fact, this is how I eat all the time and it works great!

What can we do for you?  Besides offering treatments of varying kinds, we can offer a proper diagnosis.  As good as the internet is, it is no substitute for our knowledge and experience.  We treat every patient the same way – provide excellent care for short-term pain relief and long-term healing while engaging them in self-care as well.

What can we do for your pain?  A lot!  Phone us, make a consultation with Dr. Nick and let your healing journey begin.