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Lisa Phillips – RMT

Lisa graduated in 2012, at the top of her class, from Medix School in London, Ontario.  An active and life-long learner she has continued her education through classes in addition to traditional Swedish Massage with Hot Stone, Thai Hot Stem, Therapeutic Taping, Accessing the Bars, Gua Sha and Reiki.

Called to a life of service in healing, Lisa’s philosophy of health care is simple: When you feel well, life is better.  Lisa’s approach to wellness is holistic in that she can help with physical pain, emotional pain, and anxiety.  She treats every client distinctly, tailoring their treatment plan to their specific needs.

Whatever your needs; therapeutic massage, taping, stretches, or accessing the bars, Lisa can show you the path to wellness and wholeness.

Why Massage Therapy?

Lisa has been asked this question many times over the years.  She spent many years working at desk jobs, to the point where her lower back, shoulders and neck were in constant pain.  After trying drug therapy which yielded limited results, she tried massage therapy.  The change was remarkable, and while it did not happen overnight, it got her on her own path to wellness.  It was during this time that Lisa started a career in massage therapy.