Spring Detox is Here!

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Are you ready for your annual Spring Detox?  Why not do it with awesome group support this year?  Maybe you have never done a Detox?  Well, now is the perfect time and this is the ideal program for you!

A Detox Program allows for the body’s natural detoxification process to occur with less impedance and more support, resulting in a more thorough and complete “cleaning-out” process.  We will be starting our Group Program on Monday April 16th for a 30-day period.  Our program will consist of expert professional guidance, encouragement and of course, answers to your questions!  There are three Levels to this program as we want to make it accessible to everyone.

We will be meeting to talk about the program, as well as options to purchase the kit and supplements if you’d like, on Thursday March 29th @ 7:00 PM.  Please RSVP and bring a friend!

Your Detox, Your Way

Not ready for the full-on Detox?

Want something a bit “lighter” and more “easier?”

Detox Light For Hesitant People

Food Only

Guidance Provided

Perfection Not Expected

Detox With A Bit More Of An Edge

Food + Vitamins

More Nutrients, More Detox

Detox Like You Mean It!

Food + Vitamins + Specialized Detoxification Supplements

Greater Commitment, Greater Results!

The flexibility allows for real life to occur. You may want to start slow, or things may change partway in the program.

This is a really good way to get your less-than-enthusiastic spouse/friend to join you without making it too difficult for you.

And yes, while cheating is “not allowed,” we won’t say anything!