Weight (Fat) Loss

Are you ready to be confused and overwhelmed?  Losing fat is a highly emotional endeavor, yet we tend to approach it rationally.  Unfortunately this rarely works in the long run.  If you would like help with this; to be able to address your mental/emotional habits/needs, then feel to join us on the third Thursday of every month for a group workshop / meeting.  Please RSVP/

In the meantime, your rational mind can do some work as well.  Here are some links to get you thinking…

We can blame our genes, but not for what you may think

Bad Advice

And myths

A great strategy is to combine the rational and emotional minds.  Read this article on the ingredients of a caramel frappuccino and feel your emotions churn inside (hint: disgust should be one of them!).  Now, when the (emotional) time comes when you will “want” a frappuccino, recall this article and re-experience these emotions.  Game over!

These tips are all good, however they are not enough all their own.  These are the actions that we need to take, the tasks that need to be done; what is missing in the fundamental shift in identity, in our minds and in our focus that will make this all work for us.  In order to do this, join us for our workshops on Making Change Permanent and Sustainable.

And again, in order to adopt these healthy habits, a mental shift is needed first.  Where the mind goes, actions follow…

Please. don’t fall into this trap!  Exercise alone will not make you ripped.