Healthy Aging

Time marches on.

And we can lament this fact or we can enjoy each day, relish the experiences of life and focus on creating wonderful memories.  In fact, our attitudes towards aging greatly impact the aging process.  A Yale study revealed that those people with a negative outlook on aging had greater shrinkage of their brain as they aged…areas linked with dementia!  Here are some articles that will help to ensure that we all age more gracefully.

Falls Prevention:  If there is one aspect of aging that is preventable, falling is it.  I often check for balance problems related to posture in my office and many people are “off-centre.”  Here are some resources from the Ontario Chiropractic Association.  This article is about the importance of Vitamin D in creating stronger bones.

Community:  Numerous studies have demonstrated that relationships, socialization and belongingness are very important towards health & wellness on many levels, including physical health.  Bracebridge Senior’s Centre is an excellent resource for many things related to Senior’s Wellness.

I will continue to post articles related to aging and health on this site as I receive them.  Feel free to send this link to others who wish to age well and feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to health, wellness, aging, nutrition, exercise and of course, chiropractic & pain relief!